Hi Simon, Vincenza and Noah, here is your homework for this week.

Simon, it is such a privilege to teach you viola. Your playing is secure, intelligent and you have a good tone. I would like you to think more about phrasing and interpretation, especially in the Bach. So, my suggestions for practice are more musically focused… and to develop perhaps a more economical approach to technique.

  1. Telemann Concerto – Presto: just a few suggestions on bow division. Bars 17 to 23- & Bars 34 to 38- string crossings; play closer to middle of bow. Bar 23: play in lower half. Bar 46 & 67: round gesture on chords. Syncopated rhythm in Bars 39 & 93 use whole bow. Please memorize the Telemann. 2)”The Swan” put in bowings and fingerings. Listen on YouTube to David Carpenter and Yo Yo Ma.

Bach Preludio: practice for intonation: Bars 26; Bars 34 to 37. Observe dynamics and think about phrasing. Decide on scales. Practice Kreutzer study. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Have found an accompanist for you. Perhaps you can meet him after your lesson on Sunday.

Vincenza, thank you for being so motivated and keen. Please practice ” twinkle little star” in A major and C major ( piano key). Alsonpractice A major scale. I will bring a new book for you. Practice tips: keep left wrist straight. Bow moves paralell to the bridge. Listen for a nice sound. Practice 30 min/day ( time permitting).Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! Happy Practicing!

Noah, thank you for working so hard in your lesson. Congratulations on getting an A in your school orchestra exam. Practice “Ode to Joy” and ” the cowboy”. Please bring all your music, including orchestra music to your lesson. Looking forward to seeing you Sunday! Happy Practicing!