Hi Liam and Noah, here is your homework for this week ?


Thank you for working hard in your violin lesson. Your daily practicing is really paying off. Keep up the good work!

Haendel: the ensemble piece ( lose leaf). You are doing really well! Just a few practice tips:

Practice the more difficult bars first (notes on the second line). Also practice the last two bars (no need to count the 22 bars rest?).

March by Kabalevsky:

Some very nice playing Liam. I can really see you like this piece .A few tips for intonation: practice bar 11 ( b & c is close); bar 15& 16 ( f & e is close); bar 16  ( c & b is close).

We talked in your violin lesson about the bow division in this piece. I marked it in your music, but here are just a few reminders:

First two bars: at frog;  bars 3 &4: middle to tip;  bar 5: retake bow;  bar 5 to 8: middle to tip;

bar 9 to 14: at tip;  bar 15: move bow from middle to frog;

bar 17 & 18: at frog;  bar 19 to 22: middle to tip;  bar 23: middle to frog;  bar 24: large bows on each note .

Musical notes: tempo is 112 per quarter note. Remember the accents! So important to convey character of piece! Also watch dynamics: f, p,ff,crescendo. Count the rests please.

Have fun practicing with your Dad!I look forward to hearing you play together with your Dad in one of your violin lessons soon.  Have a wonderful and safe trip to Ottawa! Looking forward to seeing you on November 25.


Thank you for working hard in your violin lesson. You are making nice progress. Keep up the good work!?

In the last violin lesson, we practiced a bowing exercise on open strings, all down bows and upbows. Repeat each 5 x. Tips: draw large circles! Contact point with string half way btw bridge and fingerboard. Practice on open a string.

Bow exercise ( away from violin). Let bow fall on left arm (outstretched). Make sure little finger on bow is curved. To lift bow, push little finger down on bow. Repeat 5x.

Pieces: “Mary had a Little Lamb”. It is sounding much better! So just a few tips to make it sound even better ?:

Bow division: Play in middle of bow. On downbow open up square with forearm; on upbow close square. Keep bow parallel to bridge. Use little bow strokes.

Sounding point: half way btw bridge and fingerboard. Listen for focused, round sound.

“Ode to Joy”…Beethoven. Looking forward to hearing first two lines next week!

Tips: practice with same attention to detail as in Mary had a Little lamb. String crossings: prepare right arm, raising and lowering arm. Finally, write in your little book any questions. Happy practicing. Aim for practicing your violin 15 min/day ?).

Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday ( November 18!).