Hi Noah and Lev, here is your homework for this week.


Thank you for working hard in your violin lesson. You are making good progress! Please go to Long & McQuade and return your violin and select a new violin to rent. Tell the staff at the store that your teacher send you because your violin suddenly goes badly out of tune while you are playing it. It seems that your violin has a bad set-up. Hope you find a nice new violin.

Piece: good start with ” Ode to Joy” ( Beethoven). Practice the piece slowly checking a few points as you play: is my bow parallel to the bridge, my left wrist straight, my right hand lose and fingers nicely curved, right shoulder down and relaxed. Listen for accurate intonation and a beautiful resonant sound on every note. Watch your bow contact point.

Also practice bowing exercise ( without violin) to strengthen 4 th finger in right hand. Also practice open string exercises with consecutive downbows and upbows. Going to bring a Christmas song for you to learn on Sunday. Happy practicing?. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!

Hi Lev,

Thank you for working so hard in your first violin lesson. In your violin lesson we learned the different parts of the violin and names of the open strings. Then we practiced plucking the open strings using the letters of the alphabet ( E, A,D,G). We first plucked strings in guitar position then in violin position. Then we practiced learning to read the notes of the open strings ( homework book).

Tip: names of open strings…from highest to lowest ( right to left):

E string ( elephant) – top string

A string ( apple) ( next to E string)

D string ( dog) ( next to A string)

G string ( giraffe) ( lowest string)

For homework please practice ( 5 min/day): pg 12 in your violin book. Pluck open strings 1) guitar position. We will practice the song in violin position in your next lesson.

Exercise: Title “More open Strings: Sassmannshaus bk 1:


” All the happy birds are singing, All the happy Dogs are barking, All the happy Bears are growling.”

Tip: Guitar position: hold violin under your right arm and pluck strings with right thumb.

Lev, it was so nice to meet you on Sunday.  You learn quickly and it is a joy to teach you .It shows that you really like the violin??. Looking forward to seeing you again next Sunday! Happy practicing!