Dear Liam,

Very good progress with the violin! Thank you for working so hard in your violin lesson. Remember to always practice with proper posture: your violin sits on your collarbone. Lean your head slightly to the left on your chin rest . Scroll is at the level of your nose. Practice both sitting and standing. When standing make sure your knees are slightly bend. The energy comes from the legs into the hands.



On downbow: bow moves away from the body. Upbow: bow moves into body and curves slightly in direction of the scroll. Little finger sits on top of the bow.

Before playing ask yourself a few questions: where do I place the bow? How much bow do I use?

Scales: sing your scales do- re-mi etc while playing notes on violin. Practice A major scale and arpeggio. Also practice D major scale and arpeggio. Watch direction of your bow- keep bow parallel to bridge.

Goal of practicing is to get a good sound, to feel good when playing and to look good (bow parallel to bridge, violin up!).

Studies: “Aren’t you glad you play the violin”; “Blast Off!”and “Marching Notes”. Use less bow on 8th notes and 16th notes.

For Marching Notes: write in pencil the names of notes underneath each note for practice.

Playing the violin takes energy! Please have a little snack before your lesson. Figure out a practice schedule with your trumpet and violin. Practicing violin on alternate days sounds good. Write notes in your notebook after each lesson. Please bring your notebook to your lesson.

Happy Practicing!

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!