Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working on your major triads in the keys you know well – C, G, F. If you want a challenge, you can try working on minor triads. Continue working on your major/minor scales as well.
  • Galper – make sure your stacattos are short enough. Remember, you want to stop the note with your tongue instead of just stopping the air. Work on cleanliness.
  • Try to slowly work up the Mozart Duet – focus on the sixteenth note passages.
  • Fantasy Piece – work on the difficult section specifically, and remember – quieter in the lower register, more air/louder in the upper register.
  • Work on your band music.


  • Keep working through your major scales with the metronome. Try practicing them at 60 with QUARTER notes this week (including arpeggios).
  • New Bach piece – work up until the second ending like we discussed. Remember – do not take pauses where they aren’t written, and make sure the eighth notes are even and in time.


  • Camille should work on her major scales and arpeggios.
  • Keep working on Pavane – look at the tricky passage we worked on in the lesson, and watch that she’s not confused by the note names.


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