Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Work on Eb major scale, arpeggio, and thirds and C minor. Remember to play full range of the clarinet, both ways. 
  • Work on the two Galper exercises we talked about. Remember to use lots of air while tonguing notes in the upper register. 
  • Keep working on the two Rose etudes. Focus on getting the right rhythms in the last section of the first piece, and think about breathing and where to articulate in the second piece.


  • Work on A and Eb major scales and arpeggios. 
  • Great Locomotive Chase – focus on the parts that need work, and work on them every day. The solo, the runs at the end of the piece, and the repetitive passage are the ones that come to mind.
  • Blue Monk – work on arpeggiating the chords, playing the scales, and then taking the idea we talked about through the song. For C7 – Eb C, for F7 – A F, for G7 – B G. Try coming up with your own ideas as well using the notes of the scales we talked about.