Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Warm up with register slurs – make sure there is no break between the two octaves. Use lots of air and aim for even tone and volume between both registers.
  • Keep working on your minor scales.
  • Try cleaning up and gradually increasing the tempo of the Galper studies we looked at.
  • Star Wars – practice the quarter-note triplets. Try doing them with an open G first, and make sure they are even. With the half-note and quarter triplet that occurs, pretend it’s two notes at first then slowly “tie” the notes back together.


  • Review your major scales this week (C, G, F, D and Bb) along with arpeggios. Try playing each scale at 60 bpm, in quarter notes.
  • If you have a chance, pick up some new reeds – Vandoren 3 or 3 1/2. If possible, get a few of each.
  • Spring and Autumn – focus on tuning and intonation. There a couple of timing issues still that we talked about – make sure you’re coming in on beat one of each new bar and not taking a break between each bar. Count!


  • Keep working on your minor scales (A and E). Add another octave to E minor. Remember to use a lot of air for the notes in the altissimo register.
  • Be aware of the amount of air you’re using throughout each register. You won’t need to blow as hard in the lower or throat register. Make sure you’re not overblowing.
  • Band Piece – Work up to 36(?). Pay attention to which pinkie is playing what (L or R) and mark it down on the music if there’s any confusion.
  • Blue Monk – Listen to a couple of versions of this on YouTube, and try to get it together at tempo.


  • Keep working on C, G, F and D major scales full range of the sax, plus the arpeggios.
  • Pavane – this is sounding really good. There’s still a few spots where she’s unsure of the notes. Get her to isolate any issues with specific sections, and play along with the metronome.


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