Continue to work through some major scales this week! Try to attempt some in 2 octaves and be aware of where he starting notes live on the treble staff. Do them tongued and slurred.

Power ride is sounding much smoother. Work through it slowly so you’re super confident in the notes & articulation and then just build speed from there! You can break it down into as small of chunks as you need… 2 bars, 4 bars, etc. Remember to be aware of the breath too. I’d like to hear the whole thing next week.

Fix up that chromatic scale as well. Add the low F# -> C and the fingerings. Check out the ledger lines up top to make sure those are correct as well.


Nice job sight reading today! That was a good one to look at.

Scales coming along nicely. I think we can start to add new ones next week just so you have an understanding of every scale – not just the test ones – before the RCM exam.

Be aware of the note lengths in Etude in D. You’re always clipping the second eighth notes too short. Even though the following note is tongued, that does not mean the previous one is short. A good way to work on this would be to apply this articulation to a scale… we can do that together next week. Otherwise, the only other concern I have with this one is stamina. Most of the time its good but when you get crunched up then your tone and endurance go out the window. Big breath and relax those shoulders and neck!!

Continue to work through all the other tunes.