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Homework Post: May 28-June 4th

Eliott #1. Overtone warmup - practice with full air support, aiming for a strong, steady sound and very little embouchure tension. #2. Hooked on a Feeling - practice at 100 bpm, remembering tonguing #3. Tonguing exercise at 90 bpm (2 notes per click) #4. Continue blues material (Equinox) from last week (here's it is again):Play solo, and along to this backing [...]

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Homework for May 21

Eliott Play solo, and along to this backing track:Melody of EquinoxImprovising using your ear / pentatonic scaleQuarter note arpeggio exercise (playing notes of chords from your chord chart in different octaves)All of 'In the Gloaming' (pg 15 blue book) at 60 bpm. Don't pause at barlines!Listen to Footprints by Wayne Shorter (use earbuds or earphones) and be able to sing [...]

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Homework for April 23rd-30th

Eliott #1. Trio to Ambassador March - remember Bb and Eb - Focus on precise rhythm. Try singing through the rhythm while clapping a steady beat before playing. #2. Continue Amazing Grace and improvising with the C major pentatonic scale. Try to feel the gravity of the notes; which ones resolve a melody and which ones lead somewhere else? #3. [...]

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Homework for April 16th-23rd

Hello, students and parents! Just a reminder that if you were here this week, you should have your end-of-year-reports. There are summaries of what we've accomplished together as well as goals and suggestions for moving forward. I'd suggest going over them together and I'd be glad to talk over anything on them on the 23rd. If you were away this [...]

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Homework Post March 5-26

I hope you all have a lovely two weeks off! I'm looking forward to hearing about your time when we have our next lesson on March 26th. For the best results in your self-driven practice in this time off, keep stock of the time you have available for practice and get on your horn regularly. Consistency is key to success! [...]

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Mid-week Homework Reminder: Feb 19-26

To my later students: I'm so sorry for the timing mix-up this week, and I really appreciate your understanding! It was a misreading of the schedule on my part that won't happen again. Here's your work for the rest of the week: Eliott Aim for regularity of practice for the rest of this week: Remember, small intervals of regular practice [...]

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Practice Post for Feb 5th-12th

Elliot #1. Note Naming Exercise.#2. Continue 10-20 warmup, 5 times every practice session (it'll only take 2 minutes and 30 seconds and you'll have had a wonderful warmup for your air support!#3. Continue our work from the blue book. Remember to use a metronome. Camille #1. Note naming exercise.#2. Continue overtone warmup - aim for the most consistent transition between [...]

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Mid-week homework reminder: Dec 11

Happy holidays! I hope you all have a lovely, restful break. I'll see Ryan, Alex and Camille for makeup lessons next week, and the rest of you when our lessons start up again on January 8th. Ryan Learn Passion Dance melody (metronome on every beat at 160 bpm - build to recording tempo) practice G mixolydian scale and triad pairing [...]

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Homework Post for the week of November 13th

A reminder of the upcoming recital on December 2nd. I've talked to those of you who are ready about plans for the recital, so remember to focus your energies on that material! It'll be our focus for the next few weeks. Ryan Continue I Want To Talk About You, experimenting with chord-based embellishments and solidifying the melody in your memory. [...]

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Homework Update and Reminder – No Lessons Today!

Hello! I hope you've had a great week. Just a reminder that TFS is closed for their fall break this week and there are no music lessons today. Here is a homework update. I'll see you next week!   Ryan Continue work on Fm etude Technique: Take a look at the chord changes for La Vie En Rose and arpeggiate [...]

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