Breathe ! Breathe more !!

These five note slurs are getting better & better every week. Keep up the focus on those and you’ll see results in many other aspects of your playing. Practice them with different starting points/ fingerings to get comfortable everywhere, which will all help the actual goal of slurring from C->G->C->E->G. Remember to keep the air moving forward and crescendo to the top. The face muscles have to work less than you think!

Keep on playing around with major scales that have a few alterations. For next week I would love to hear 4 or 5 Harmonic minor scales. The alterations on those ones are b3 & b6.

Try to play along with the melody of Sonnymoon For Two if you get the chance. We can work on some more fun improvising based topics more next week :)

It was cool revisiting All Through The Night. Try to convey some more emotion while playing it. If you take your time, and intensify the dynamics you’ll have an easier time achieving that. Listen to different versions of it and try to emulate things that you like.

German Dance needs a bit more work. Go slow & be mindful of the rhythms and articulation while practicing this! Break down tricky sections into small manageable chunks so you feel like you’re always improving something. Again, If you exaggerate dynamics and articulation while keeping the breathing and phrasing consistent you’ll be sounding great in no time.

Breathe !!! Breathe more !!!!