Continue to incorporate those articulation/ slurring exercise in you practice sessions! Those are sounding a lot better and they sound like they’re improving your playing already.

Nice job on Theme from New World Symphony. Beautiful tone throughout. Again, just the small details need work. Focus on articulation consistency, dynamics and if you get comfortable, vibrato as well!

Next week have In The Hall of The Mountain King ready! I’d love to hear a relatively clear accelerando and dynamic contrast throughout. Remember, short articulation as well. Have fun!


This week try to spend some more time on the fundamentals we do. Lip slurs will make trumpet playing feel much more efficient and make your tone much more rich! Keep that up. Same with the chromatic scale. That will solidify your knowledge of all the fingerings which makes everything easier. Have the D chromatic scale ready for next week.

Etude in G Major is coming along well. Thanks for slowing it down and workshopping it with me. When you get all the articulation together is sounds way better, and you can build the speed up from there. Remember the short notes you want to have a clean start so make sure you tongue right behind your teeth, not the top of your mouth. Have patience and this will continue to come together nicely.

Etude in D minor is similar. Keep it slow! You’re playing it faster than the written tempo so you really need to bring it back when you’re working on it. If you can have the next two lines ready for next week that would be great. Take it note by note when you’re sight reading it just to get everything perfect.