Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working on your major scales and corresponding major/minor triads. Try practicing them with and without the notes in front of you.
  • Work on the two Galper exercises we discussed.
  • Band piece – watch out for the rhythmic/note issues we talked about.


  • Desafinado – here is a link to my recording of Desafinado. Hope it works! Try playing along with it, and listen closely to the rhythms.
  • Work through your major scales this week and try doing D major up to high D using the two new fingerings we learned.
  • Bach piece – Play along with the metronome and focus on evenness, and rhythmic preciseness.


  • With the register slurs – remember to crescendo into the higher note. Don’t crescendo once you have hit the high note – this is where you should be decrescendo-ing.
  • Practice A, D and E minor.
  • Work on your staccato this week. Remember to cut the note off with your tongue, and not to just “stop” the sound.


  • Camille can work on her C, G, F, Bb, and D major scales. Make sure she’s practicing them full range with a metronome.
  • Get her to practice Pink Panther with a metronome around 75. Make sure she’s holding out longer notes for long enough, and getting the trickier rhythms.



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