Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working on your major scales and corresponding major/minor triads. Try to move away from having the music in front of you.
  • Galper – make sure your staccato’s are short and crisp enough like we discussed. For the second exercise, think about dynamics.
  • Rose – work up until where we talked about. Watch out for the dotted eighth/sixteenth rhythm.


  • Here is the audio for the faster version of Desafinado. Try listening, and then playing along with it. Make sure the rhythms are correct!
  • Keep working on D major scale. Aim for 60 bpm, HALF notes. Incorporate the new fingerings we worked on.
  • Bach piece – Try the new section we worked on today. Remember to isolate/break down trickier sections and then play them in context once they’re clean and feel good.


  • Keep warming up with register slurs. Remember the high point should be when you hit the high note, not before you hit it, and not after you hit it. Once you hit the high note, you should start to decrescendo.
  • Practice A, D and E minor. Focus on melodic minor, as this is the one that needs the most work.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRcF-dwThBY Here is a backing track for “There Will Never Be Another You”. Try playing along with it, and working out different rhythmic ideas, articulations, and grace notes/ornamentations.
  • Try adding in some dynamics to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.


  • Camille can keep working on her major scales, with an emphasis on Bb major.
  • Pavane – She can try to start playing the piece all the way through without stopping. If you want, feel free to bring the music into her sister’s piano lessons (there is a piano part written out underneath), and then in a couple of weeks maybe we can try getting them to play it together.


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