Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Try warming up every practice session with long tones for ten minutes. Focus on your embouchure and sound, and make sure you aren’t too tense/tight.
  • Practice Ab major scale, arpeggio and thirds this week along with the relative minor scale (F minor). Remember to practice the arpeggio and thirds full range as well.
  • Practice the new Galper piece. Focus on supporting the staccato notes as much as possible, and making sure they are the same volume as the rest of the notes.
  • Keep working on the first Rose etude. Focus on the newer part of the piece, after the last 32nd note run. Watch out for the rhythms.


  • Practice the new scale – A major and arpeggio at 60 bpm, half notes.
  • Work on the Bach piece. Remember – try working through each section backwards. Start with a couple of notes, and when they sound good, add the notes before. Only practice what needs to be practiced.
  • If you are having trouble with the C, make sure you aren’t hitting anything else. Also, try practicing in front of a mirror.


  • Practice the new scale – A major and arpeggio with the metronome.
  • Great Locomotive Chase – focus on the parts that need work. Practice by first isolating problem spots, then playing with the metronome, then speeding up the metronome gradually. Remember – once you’ve isolated and you’re working with the metronome, keep it going! Don’t let every single mistake stop you or make you fall out of time w/ the metronome.
  • Bang Zoom – watch out for any rhythmic issues here. Again, only practice the parts that need work.


  • This week, we worked solely on Pavane just to make sure it’s ready for the recital! Make sure Camille isn’t rushing during the tricky section on page two. Also, make sure she’s in tune with the piano before the recital! Remind her to pull out the mouthpiece if she needs to.