Keep up those long tones. Doing them expanding to low F#, and the F# two octave higher will be great for your sound, endurance and stabilizing your embouchure. Then try the three octave tonguing thing we were doing! Think of the spit ball idea to see how high you can go, we will do this next lesson.

Nice job on the major scales. Those sounded a lot better with the metronome! I’d like to hear Eb, A, and E at 60 bpm for next week.

Arabian song is getting better! Work on that second phrase. Just brake it down note by note and then speed it up. Take some time to really work out what every note is on the staff and what the fingerings are to them. Check out some of the other duets just to work on sight reading!


Looking forward to digging into German Dance with you next week! spend some time on that so we can pick it apart more.

Mouthpiece warm up: You’re getting the hang of this. Remember when doing these to have a variety of pitch, dynamics and tongue, etc. Explore how to feel comfortable on just the mouthpieces, that will translate to comfortability on the horn. And remember… big breaths!

Major scales sounding good too. We looked at C,F,Bb and Eb & arpeggio with the alternating tonguing/ slurring articulation. Try doing these four all tongued, and slurred. Build up air speed/ momentum by crescendoing to reach the top half of the scale with ease. We’ll look at those scales again, as well at G and D major.

Russian Hymn is getting close. It’s a bummer we couldn’t get it worked out so I could hear it played together; but I trust you’re thinking about good tuning, phrasing and articulation! I think you would benefit from checking out Sacred Song as well.