Nice job getting all those major scales this lesson!!! You’re more than halfway to knowing them all :)

Try to get in 15/20 mins a day of your favourite exercises…. lead pipe buzzing & lip slurs! On the lead pipe try experimenting with moving the pitch more. Use your air and core to shoot up to the higher notes, and open the jaw a bit to get the lower notes. Remember this exercise demands a lot of air so make sure you fill up. Lip slurs are sounding great too!! The notes sound much more slotted and relaxed. Your goal for this week is to slur up to the C with ease. Try isolating the movement between G->C. If the is too tricky, do Ab->C with the alt fingering (2,3). Use air speed to get the note that is further away… not higher… further.

Major & chromatic scales: Chromatic scale was sounding a lot more confident but it could still use some work. Every note needs to have more certainty… know what the next note is before you’re even there. You can work on this by doing it slowly with a metronome, and even when you’re away from the horn you can work on this. Try to play your full range of the chromatic scale in one breath, low F# -> D. Major scales are the same. Mostly very good but with a week of practice they’ll have that confidence factor. We worked on C,F,Bb,Eb,Ab, and G. Continue on this upward trend and learn some more if you’d like. We will review the ones you learned in lesson again. Remember when learning a new one, JUST play the fingerings and then put ur face to the horn. You can split them in half if the range is too high, as we did with F&Eb, go up 5 notes then drop an octave.

See you next week!