Nice job in lesson this week. You’ve learned a lot and its coming through!

Lip slurs: Try to incorporate this into your practice everyday. Start on C-G-C and work down chromatically, then add an extra note on top. This is all about good breathing! Make sure your sound is supported throughout the whole register of the horn, by air that is moving forward . Please work on the new exercise we talked about too. Set the metronome to 60bpm and slur between G&C. Switch between quarters and eighth’s.

Scales: Great work on these. You almost know every major scale! I’m glad the circle of fifths helped you understand everything better. We will be going around it the other way so make sure you have all of your sharp keys ready! Go slow and be sure of every note you play. Try very hard not to guess!


I’m really looking forward to working through the RCM curriculum with you. You’re off to a great start already!

The requirements for the grade two exam are 4 contrasting pieces (1 from 4 different lists); Bb, C, D, Eb major scale with arpeggios; B,C,D,E Minor scales with arpeggios, Chromatic Scale from D-D – scales performed all tongued, slurred, and alternating tongue/ slur combo. 3 mouthpiece studies, rhythmic clap back, and interval recognition. To find everything more in depth, and the list of tunes follow this link to the syllabus –


This week, I want you to continue to warm up with the mouthpiece. We did a couple different exercises; Starting soft and crescendoing to forte, moving the pitch up and down, as well as tonging on the piece. Doing these will get your air moving, and it will start to get your face feeling flexible. Remember to take full breaths!

All through the night is going to turn out really well. This piece is a chance to show off your tone, so make sure it is as beautiful as possible. Full breaths, relaxation and thinking of the AAH vowel while playing will create a nice open sound. Try to hold on to the notes for their full value, this will improve the overall rhythmic clarity, as well as improve your phrasing.

Major scales. Nice! Continue to work on C,F, Bb & D. Remember to keep the air flowing at the top of the scale; momentum will allow those higher notes to fly out of the bell. Practice them slurred, tongued and two slurred, two tongued.

Here is the link for the grade 2 trumpet rep book!