Listen to the playlists!!!! Have fun!!! Breathe!!!!

What to practice:   

MP Buzzing/ Lead pipe buzzing: 5 – 10 mins. Big focus here is to remember the breath! Try both mouthpiece and lead pipe to decide what you like better. Play quiet to loud, to quiet – start and end with just air. Try moving the pitch around as well. Explore until you feel comfy everywhere! As I mentioned, this is also a good place to work on tonguing. You want the start of the note to be very precise & clear – make it pop.

C major scale (concert Bb): 10 mins. The G-A is a good interval to work on. don’t be scared, it’s easy! Once you feel like you’ve mastered that, try for the full scale… or even the first half! Do it slurred, legato tongued, and staccato tongued. They will all feel different but remember the air ALWAYS keeps moving forward. the tongue just gets in the way for a split second. Think of the hose analogy.

Lip Slurs: 15 mins. I’m glad you discovered its more comfortable to start high and slur low. You made it sound easy!! Start on G and slur down to C & back. Go through all 7 finger positions or until you can’t go any lower. From there, add a note on top. Ex: Low G -> D -> G (they will all have the same fingering) and expand from there. If you feel good about it, I’m sure you can make it from C -> G to the high C. Subtle movements… think pressurizing air stream.

O Canada: Nice. You know what you need to do to make it better for next week. Articulation… Dynamics… phrasing… Sounds much better! Pick any song from the book, or a song you like and we can chat about it.