Hey everyone! Please see below for your suggested homework for the week:


-Practice “Let’s Play Ball” from Piano Adventures Primer — remember your nicely curved fingers


-The Major and Minor: watch out for the rhythm in the bar we focused on (line 2, pg 2). Remember to practice going back to the beginning to play the DC al fine
-Greensleeves: pay close attention to the RH rhythms, make sure your LH isn’t collapsing (keep wrist lifted parallel), try practicing it hands separately
-Hey Jude: keep working on it hands separately


-Joshua Fought: practice it hands together
-Looking Glass River: start adding dynamics (the “swells” of the crescendo and decrescendo phrasing), and the pedal
-Tarantella: practice the middle section slowly; Can you figure out what the broken chords are?


-A minor harmonic scale, hands separately
-E major scale, hands together
-The Somersault King: staccato articulation, structure of the piece (remember DC al coda and coda)
-Siciliano: articulation of the staccato, watch the pickup rhythms (& of 4)


-Practice “Rodeo”, remembering to start on middle C with the LH, and the G just above middle C with the RH


-Ode to Joy — add in the dynamics (both the marked forte and piano, etc. and also the “hairpins” (crescendo and decrescendo))
-I Am the King — remember your hand position! Bass G for LH and G above middle C for RH
-Moonlight Melody — keep up the practicing on it

Good job everyone! See you next time! :)