Great job learning those major scales last week!! Thats a wonderful exercise for your ear & mind.

What to practice

Lead pipe buzz: 5 mins. Think about moving air. This is a great time to focus on how your breath is doing. Think relaxed & full. Try playing at different dynamics and changing the pitch. You can also try tonguing during this exercise to get comfy with the tongue movement.

Major scales: 20 mins. 3 new major scales by ear for next week. slurred and tongued! if the top note is too high, try to do the whole thing in one breath…. the momentum will get you through it. air speed is the key!

Lip slurs: Nice job getting the high G last week. try this one with three notes to start (C->G->C) then move chromatically downwards to F#. add one note on top from the bottom and then go back up! youll be able to play the high G – and higher – in no time!!!

Playlists: Give these a listen to hear prime examples of some of my favourite trumpet playing!!! Enjoy :)