Great work today! You’re all putting in awesome effort :D Here are your homework suggestions for the week:


-keep working on Sunflower: pg 1-2 hands together, as you showed me today. Pg 3, practice the LH by itself, make sure you’re holding the whole notes for 4 counts each time!


-Grumpy Old Troll: one more week working on this one; make sure you’re playing G and D in the LH for lines 1 and 3. Watch the two different dynamics in the LH (forte) and RH (piano) at bar 5. And then the opposite (RH forte and LH piano) at bar 13!
-Party Song: keep up the practicing! make sure to hold last whole note in LH for full bar
-Boogie on Broadway: awesome start to this one, keep playing through it this week


-Trumpet Concerto: practice playing it while counting out loud
-Surprise Symphony: practice the first two lines hands together, and then the second two lines hands separately this week
-Suitor’s Song: keep up the good practicing for this one!


-Imperial March: keep up the good practicing for this one! Brainstorm new ideas for another “film” piece if you have one; I will too :)
-Morning Greeting: work on it hands separately this week: RH of the first part, and LH dotted quarter notes, plus the other dotted quarter note sections that we worked on today
-Keep practicing both your Minuets as well

See you next week!