Hey everyone, excellent job this week! Keep up the great work. Here are your homework suggestions for this week:


CDEFG March – practice playing through, watch out for the repeated notes!
Men from Mars – pay attention to when the notes repeat and when they go up and down
Theory book pg 14 – maze activity


Money Can’t Buy Everything – practice playing through the whole RH. Watch out for the slight change at the end!


Merrily We Roll Along – practice playing through, making sure you’ve found your correct hand position. (You can find CDE by finding the 2-black-key pair and playing the white keys that surround them!)
-practice finding FGAB as well
-Kill Em With Kindness – practice singing along with the original track, to become more comfortable with all the lyrics. Think about taking deep breaths!
Then when you feel ready, try it out with the karaoke track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1_H_k9tUAg


-practice playing through the sheets from last week
-practice your C major and A minor scales, working on a steady pace and then building up the tempo bit by bit
-If you’d like to try out a Hanon exercise, here is one for you to take a look at! We can also work on it together next time: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qe-V4vWPdbQfaMLOkzXIH1rRydeNJb7Z/view?usp=sharing

See you all next week!