The second half of the school year has set in.  Don’t forget to practice!  You are all doing so well!


Great job, today/this past week!  You’re a bright one, my fine young sir.  Keep it up!


Wow.  Tell stories with your music!  Be DRAMATIC!  Make people laugh, cry, FEEL EMOTION.  That’s what music is all about :)


Though you did not practice this past week, you did improve.  Great lesson.  Now, just imagine how much quicker your learning of the piano would be if you did get into a regular practice habit!


That was a fun lesson, despite the absence of your books.  TRIADS!  Reading charts.  Remember to work on playing on the tip of your pinky fingers, not on their sides!


You’re a fast learner, and practice consistently!  Music is RHYTHM + LYRICISM (singing/telling a story).  Fingers and hands only get stronger (and everything else) by exercising them.  Keep it up!