Awesome lessons all of you pianist protégés!  Same old general advice ~ practice makes perfect.  It’s tried and true!


You were tired today!  Too much movie watching.  I could tell that you did practice during the week, though.  Getting a good sleep is just as important to learning as is going to school!


I see a budding composer in you.  Do not be discouraged!  I and your parents just really want you to be loving and engrossed in music.


Good work, man!  Keep up this regular habit of practicing you’re doing, and you will be leapfrogging to the next level in no time!


Reading and improvising to charts!  We are discovering a new genre of music that you are taking to like a bee to honey!  EXCITED.


Excellent work in the lessons and in your practicing.  Remember – music is telling a story.  It’s not just the story you tell, but HOW you tell it!