Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Here’s this week’s assignment:



Your Bubble is improving, but continue to strive to play bar 10 and 11 without any mistakes. Check if your left hand is playing the chords correctly. We learned about 8th notes, and you can practice this in Famous People. Aim for 15 minutes of practice daily.



We reviewed Octave Blues, Hot Cross Buns, Farmer in the Dell. When playing Octave Blues, be sure to look for where you are moving, and move both hands together (Ex. Both hands move up 4 notes from C to F).  When playing Hot Cross Buns, listen for a nice, clean sound from the left hand chords. Aim to practice 10-15 minutes daily.



We chose her top favourite 5 songs from the book, and she will review them this week along with the M&M Medley. The notes are divided between the hands, so take care to play them smoothly. Aim for 15-20 minutes daily.



He has learned the C major scale, and now he is playing the scale in C Scale Stomp. Watch the left hand carefully, as the thumb needs to move to reach other keys (but don’t move the other fingers). In the Can Can, he has learned the notes correctly and simply needs to increase his speed for a more exciting mood. He is also starting Freres Jacques  in a new position (G position).



Well done on Cha Cha Cha! We reviewed finger numbers and the names of all the white keys on the piano (I quizzed her by seeing how many she could play correctly in one minute). Continue to Tick Tock this week, taking care to play G (Grandma beside the Front Door).


Have a wonderful week everyone