Great piano return to the new year, veteran piano peeps, YOU PRACTICED over the holidays!  And, great new start for my beginners!  WELCOME!


I forgot to mention, buy a notebook that I can write in during each lesson for a reminder of what and how to practice for the following week.  And, yes, practice at least 5 minutes a day to start ~ the more you practice, the better you get.  Especially, because you’re a fast learner and are talented!


Fantastic work over the holidays, my dear sir!  The form of your fingers while playing keys AND not playing a note is much better.  Remember, one finger per white key.  Keep it up!


Another great job over the holidays.  Now, if you keep this same practice routine up while going to school, you will be light years ahead of where you are by July!


You are a winner!  But, DO NOT RUSH!  Take your time, MOVE to the rhythm, make sure you’re doing everything that’s on the sheet music, and playing the way you like!