hello piano explorers and parents


Happy new year! I’m glad to be able to start a new year of music together.


We started The Bubble. Aim to play the accents louder and watch out for the slower part at the end.  In your When the Saints be careful with the RH notes



We reviewed Lightly Row and talked about how to make different dynamics



Started I Would Like to Go To Mars. Notice the different finger numbers and loud and soft parts in the song



We started the Can Can, C scale stomp, Surprise Symphony. Practice the second half of Surprise Symphony carefully and slowly



In the Cowboy Song Medley, watch out for where you need to reach up to A. In the C scale aim to follow the fingering exactly to develop good habits.



Welcome to piano at ABC. I’m excited to start lessons with you! Bring your paper with the cats and we will continue to learn the location of the notes next week.


Have a safe week everyone!