Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working through your minor scales, with emphasis on B minor.
  • If you are having issues with squeaking, think about: your hand/finger placement, where/how hard your tongue is hitting the reed, embouchure, and air support (especially in the upper register).
  • Look at the exercises on the first page of the Galper Book 2. Play them slowly and evenly.
  • Practice the stacccato exercise we discussed in the Rubank book.


  • Keep reminding yourself of the angle of the clarinet this week while practicing. Keep your chin upwards instead of tucked in, and bring the clarinet inwards so that it isn’t going straight out. Also, remember posture is important and key in having good air support and correct tuning!
  • If you have a chance, pick up some new reeds – Vandoren 3 1/2 probably will work best.
  • Spring – focus on tuning, and correct timing. Hold out your quarter notes.
  • Autumn – try to perfect the rhythm in the first section we looked at. Work on the piece up until where we talked about.


  • Keep working on your minor scales (A and now E).
  • Look at the 3/4 Mozart piece I brought in.
  • Beatles songs – make sure to play these with the metronome so you can get a more exact concept of the time and rhythm of each piece. Once you’re more comfortable with the rhythmic aspects of both songs, you’ll actually find its easier to play them more freely or loosely.
  • When practicing register slurs, try to taper off the upper note instead of just stopping the sound.


  • Work on your chromatic scale, and C, F and G major with the metronome.
  • Keep working on In the Hall of the Mountain King.
  • Ghostbusters – make sure you’re coming in in the right place and the timing is right.
  • Other band piece – Practice this with the metronome, and again make sure the rhythms are right and that you’re coming in in the right place.


  • Keep working on C, G, F and D major scales full range of the sax, plus the arpeggios.
  • Remind Camille to support the air and stay loose for the D to come out right.
  • Pavane – get Camille to work up until the second page where we stopped and work on getting the correct rhythms and timing.