Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working on your major scales and corresponding triads. When descending, practice them both ways. Try working on triads for A natural minor as well, and harmonic and melodic if you want a challenge.
  • March – slowly work it up to tempo. Try for 5-10 BPM faster every week.
  • Review your other band music.


  • Keep working through C, F and G major this week (scales and arpeggios) at 60 BPM. Focus specifically on F and G arpeggios. If you’re unsure of the notes, try actually physically going through the fingerings before playing through the scale/arpeggio.
  • Bach Piece – make sure to practice with the metronome at 50! Don’t rush the eighth notes in the spots we talked about, and don’t hold out the quarter notes for too long.
  • Try practicing a Night in Tunisia with iRealbook. Slow down the tempo, and you’re going to want to switch the key to C minor.


  • Review your major scales, along with A and E minor.
  • Keep working on Blue Monk – aim for 60 BPM with the metronome. Watch out for the timing.
  • Band Piece – watch out for the staccato markings and other accents.
  • Try practicing in front of a mirror this week or with your iPhone front facing camera on the stand so you can film yourself. Take note of what your hands are doing, and watch out for your left hand flying off the keys and the issues with your right hand that we have discussed.