Great work! Continue your practice routine – this week focus on taking a full breath whenever you start to play.

Hey Jude – work on where the star is (around measure 40) to get used to the new notes and fingerings. Also, work on slurring up to the higher notes where it’s marked. Use your air to help you rather than an articulation.

Accidentally in Love – work on getting used to the articulation that is marked. Slur where it’s slurred and tongue where it’s marked.

Here’s the link to the little piece we looked at towards the end of the lesson Trumpet Piece feel free to look at the sections we did today when you’d like.


Good work! We can start something new this week! Try to practice about 5-10min a day still to keep your sound consistent.

Start looking at Bye Bye Blackbird (attached below). Work on getting all of your notes to sound the same. Keep your air support up and remember to keep blowing through the line. We can work on making it sound more like a jazz tune next week!

Bye Bye Blackbird