Yes, the good weather is here!! And my lovely students did some great work this week. :)


D Major Scale, please practice two Octaves, remember C# and F#, look for the C on the piano and the black note next to it is C#.

GET AWAY: We made a deal that if you can achieve your staccato in Get Away, then next week we can start on Lavender’s Blue! For this week, ONLY practice the circled sections in Get Away, no need to practice the rest. You’ll be practicing smooth ¬†confident transitions from LH to RH, better staccato, and forming the habit of being ready for that C in the LH (NOT the right :))

ALOUETTE: Don’t play dainty, play nice and strong, also work on your dynamics, meaning Loud and Soft :) for the circled fifths, keep your LH pinky up! :)

NEW SONG!! ODE TO JOY: Excellent initiative learning this song this week, and what a great idea! You like to move fast and I’m happy to move with you ;) There’s great opportunity for practicing lifting your hands UP on the keybed so that your fingers are “standing”. Keep up the determination to play with strong fingertips, you will get it! Don’t give in to the temptation of your keyboard at home to play super gently and quietly. :)


JULY FOURTH: Practice your counting and you are all set! Count out loud, use a metronome, or ask one of your parents to count for you!

NEW SONG! Old Uncle Bill

NEW SCALE! C Major Scale. All white notes, one octave, hands separately please, your thumb always crosses under your third finger, your third finger always crosses over your thumb! :) Good work!


Great job with the Hanon Juliette! I can see a difference in your technique already! Very exciting! If you feel up to it, practice the 2nd exercise ascending in the RH only. Otherwise please continue practicing exercise one everyday!

Practice C major and G major scales at home this week. Remember G major has an F#. :)

Time to start memorizing WHEN I GROW UP and KUMBAYAH! In WHEN I GROW UP, practice the last four bars only the RH before putting things together, to help you feel what its like to play it all smoothly. In KUMBAYAH, practice bars 1-2  5 times before playing whole song to practice that RH nice and smooth with no detaching the E from the C and G chord.

Wonderful work!