Hello all,

Here is this week’s homework:


Work on the picking exercises we discussed today. They should be written down in your book. These picking warm ups will help you navigate the strings easier and increase your ability to pick notes. Remember to take this exercise very slow at a pace that feels good.

Also, work on the tune “Aura Lee” in your Hal Leonard guitar book. Remember what we discussed with melody. Make sure you can hear and sing the melody in order to get to know the piece better. Take your time with the notes as this piece can be challenging.



Continue to work on the guitar chords in your book. By now, we have looked at five basic chords: G7, C, G, Em and D. Try picking two of these chords and work on playing them back and forth. This is to develop the ability to switch between chords and to memorize the chord shapes. Practice the chords at a comfortable pace and be sure to feel the chords with some kind of pulse. If you feel like having a challenge, try to practice the chords with some kind of strum pattern.


Have a good week everyone! Practice hard! Play well!