Hi students and parents! Great job today!

Ezra: Improvise grooves just like you were doing when we came in today. That was great, do more of it. Here’s your list of things to practice: 1) Linear patterns where R=right, L=left, F=foot: RLFF. RLFL. FFRL. RFFL. FLRF. RLF. 2) Rudiments played between the hihat and snare drum: single stroke roll, double stroke roll, single paradiddle, double paradiddle, triple paradiddle. Add accents if comfortable. 3) Mobility exercise: down the toms and up the toms. snare and floor tom 4 times, rack toms twice; remember to use your arms, not your body, to get around the kit. Fluidity and comfort are key. Good luck!

Chloe: GET ON THE KIT. Or, failing that, CREATE BEATS SOMEWHERE ELSE. If you can, play to a metronome. You can practice your paradiddles either on a drum or on a pillow if you wish.

Brad: Practice the basic rock beat and the basic jazz ride cymbal pattern. Remember the grip we talked about. Use more wrist and fingers than arm and shoulders.

ALL STUDENTS: Remember not to press the stick into the drum. The stick wants to bounce off the drum. LET IT.