Remember gals, you only get as good as you practice!


And, ‘practice’ is not only how much you practice, but HOW you practice that counts.  You have to try to remember the notes on the page and which key they correspond to on the piano if you want to eventually read music with ease.  Trying various ‘memorization games’ (such as flashcards) and methods to get to the point where once upon seeing a note on the page, you immediately recognize it and know where it is on the piano.  Where there is a will, there is way..


You improved a little on the first two songs I assigned last week, but you didn’t practice the other ones I assigned.  This is not good if you want to improve faster than a snail’s pace!  Try to not fidget, but keep your hands in ‘claw-like’ formation, one finger per white key, fingers curved even when fingers are not pressing down a key.  Self-discipline, my dear, will get you very far in life!  Worth a try, no?


More MOTION in your body movement (while core engaged) = the opportunity to feel and express EMOTION as you play!  Don’t be afraid — challenge yourself to try something new!  It will open a whole new musical world to you.  I promise.