• Vandendool: pp. 16-17
  • Theory: please finish up “Sailing Melodies”! and take a look at page 5 which is all about slurs and ties.


Sailing in the Sun – this week, continue to try to add your dynamics (definitions for p, mf, and f in your book). Also, while you play, watch out for skips and step in your L.H. and when going from R.H. to L.H. so you’re not skipping when you’re supposed to be stepping!

Ferris Wheel – Great job clapping through the rhythm in your lesson! Next step, learning the notes. Similar to instructions for your piece “Sailing in the Sun”, watch out for steps and skips especially when alternating/switch between L.H. and R.H. (between treble clef and bass clef). Also, keep practicing your rhythm by counting aloud when you play. You are very good at this!

Challenge for this week: Take note of your dynamics. Can you try playing through Ferris Wheel with dynamics?



Cora Ahrens – B.C. book: pp. 20-21; T.C. book: p. 21

Hanon: Better job relaxing/releasing your elbow tension. Make a mental note to release your elbows. Also, don’t “punch out” finger 5 note in dynamics exercise. Less fun for you, but sounds better when you cresc. and decres. and slightly pull back on finger 5 volume/grip. The real dynamic pull happens on fingers 2-3 (and 4). This week’s exercise is all about rhythm! Remember tri-pl-et. Same things apply as last week. Loose elbow, pivot out when playing fingers 4 and 5 to keep finger 5 from flying up.


Maple Leaf Rag – Done! I love hearing you play this piece! Keep reviewing it. Maybe we can use it for a recital this year. 2 things: look out for accents (now highlighted) on downbeats in mm. 3 and 5. Also p to mf crescendo mm. 5-7. Anticipate this better!

In the Hall of the Mountain King – R.H.: really need to slow your practice down and make sure you are working on staccato evenness and playing all accents indicated in your music. This week, learn L.H. (whole piece) and watch out for finger numbers.

New piece! Danse Macabre – This week, H.S. first 2 pages. H.T. mm. 9-25 to get a feel for uneven melodic phrasing.

Happy practicing!

*Make sure you’re setting aside at least 10-15 minutes every day to practice!