Technical: Continue with A-major for the next couple of days.

  • Notes are good, finger grips are happening, but I need you to practice anticipating your finger cross/switches a little better for your broken triads. We’ll start a new key on Sunday.

Canon in D: Please bring your metronome to your next lesson. We will work on tempo and more musical things on Sunday!

  • Continue working on splitting your view between the keyboard and the music. We’re not focusing on memorizing at this time because not all the notes are down pat just yet, plus you need need visual cues for dynamics, finger numbers, and more.
  • Page 4 (last page) is coming along. Finish learning the last 2 lines H.T. Please continue to familiarize yourself with the notes by looking at them! Are you practicing your music in segments? Try going back to segment practice so you can get the rest of the piece H.T. by Sunday. Segment practice helps your plan your practice sessions (e.g., I work on segments 10-12 last practice, I’ll tack on segments 13-15 this time).
  • Also, you’re still giving your L.H. and R.H. equal emphasis. We’ve talked about this before – your L.H. is harmonic support more than anything.

Aurora Borealis: We’re done with this piece! We’ll record it on Sunday!

New piece is Maple Leaf Rag

  • We’ll spend more time with this on Sunday. In the meantime, have a quick read through and split your music up into segments.

See you in a few days!