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Homework Post June 1 – June 7

Ruby Theory/Technical: Vandendool: pp. 16-17 Theory: please finish up "Sailing Melodies"! and take a look at page 5 which is all about slurs and ties. Repertoire: Sailing in the Sun - this week, continue to try to add your dynamics (definitions for p, mf, and f in your book). Also, while you play, watch out for skips and step in your [...]

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Homework Post: April 20 – 26

Ruby Theory/Technical: 2 notespelling sheets from Cora Ahrens's Rudiments of Music. These two pages focus on treble clef (also known as the G clef) line notes (E G B D F) and space notes (F A C E). Get to know where the notes live on the treble staff! This will help you with the note reading you'll be doing in [...]

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Homework Post: April 6 – 12

Eliana Technical/Theory: Cora Ahrens: Same homework as March 23! Please set aside some time for notespelling each week! TC: Finish up p. 18 and also do p. 19 BC: p. 17 Power Scales again! Also, ask mum about getting a technical/warm-up book like Hanon. I can pick up one for you if I get the 'ok-go!' But for this week [...]

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Homework Post: March 16-19

Eliana: Technical: Continue with A-major for the next couple of days. Notes are good, finger grips are happening, but I need you to practice anticipating your finger cross/switches a little better for your broken triads. We'll start a new key on Sunday. Canon in D: Please bring your metronome to your next lesson. We will work on tempo and more musical [...]

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Homework for the Holidays!!!

Just for Eliana! ~ Eliana Try to keep your wrists high as is comfortable for you, so that the sound produced when each finger articulates 'shines like a bell', is beautiful.  Circular motions in your elbows and wrists as you move to your pieces' rhythm.  High wrists, and RELAXED fingers, focusing on lifting your fingers up off the keys when [...]

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Homework for November 24 – November 30

  Happy practicing this week and sorry for the delayed homework post! Eliana Cora Ahrens (Same as last week!) B.C.: nos. 15, 17, 18 T.C.: nos. 15, 17, 18 Theory (same as last week, again!) pg. 50, #2 (only questions with stars) pg. 51, #1 (only questions with stars) Technical: Nothing new this week. Keep reviewing the scales you have learned. [...]

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Homework for November 17 – November 23

Happy practicing this week! And make sure you're finding 20 minutes to practice each day! Rachel Technical: This week E minor: remember your 3 minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic). Please practice with your scale/triad sheets in front of you. We put your finger number knowledge to the test and found your scales were smoother when you knew what fingers you were [...]

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Homework for November 10 – November 16

Happy practicing this week! And make sure you're finding 20 minutes to practice each day! Rachel Cora Ahrens B.C.: nos. 13, 14, 15 T.C.: nos. 8, 11, 13, 15 *Readability! Make sure your line notes look like line notes and your space notes look like space notes. Technical: Continue to review D major. Lean back a little for your contrary [...]

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Homework October 27 – November 2

Hi all, please find your practice agendas below. Rachel: The same homework as last week! Technical: - Review C major, G major, and D major (practice these with a metronome; quarter note = 80) - This means practice all technical requirements: scales (parallel and contrary motions) and triads (broken and solid) - Add finger circles to your daily routine (you can [...]

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Homework for October 20 – October 26

Hi all, please find your practice agendas below. Please make sure you're finding time to practice at least 20 minutes per day! Also, sorry for the late post. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend and I'll see you later this week. Rachel: Technical: - Review C major, G major, and D major (practice these with a metronome; quarter note = [...]

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