Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week.


– The name of the venue I’m playing at Sunday is Poetry Jazz Cafe in Kensington Market. I will be there from 4-7 :)

– Keep working on your chromatic and C, G and F major scales. Make sure to leave no space in between the notes (even if you are tonguing them) and try to only breathe after every 3-4 notes. Focus on coming down the major scales and slurring, as this needs the most work. Don’t rush!

– Work on your arpeggios as well. Remember the formula: 1, 3, 5 and 1 repeated an octave higher. Try to think about the notes before you play them.

– Make sure to count precisely when playing Summertime! Hold your half notes/longer notes for their full value so you don’t end up rushing.

– New reeds!!



– When working on your major Scales this week, make sure to isolate the difficult parts and try not to move on until they are clean! Be honest with yourself; if you can’t play it three or four times in a row without any mistakes, then it probably needs more work. Additionally, when working on playing your scales full range, try to always end on a chord tone (eg. Ab major, end on high Eb, which is the fifth.

– Try adding more volume to the Mozart piece! Don’t be afraid to be loud. Also, when playing a legato piece make sure to be conscious of tonguing with a lighter touch. The notes should be fluid and long.

– When working on the Bach (I think?) piece, make sure to be precise when it comes to articulation. The notes should be short and clean. Don’t add slurs where they shouldn’t be.