Casey Ann,

Warm up : Diminished 7th chords – solid and broken

In progress : Handel – Prelude in G minor, HS 1st page

Sight reading : Far away from home

(practice time : 10 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, G, D major scale, HS/HT

By memory : Erie Canal

New : Skip to my Lou

Left over popcorn – C position

(practice time 15 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, D, E arpeggios

Review : Dinosaur stomp

In progress : Famous people

New : Frankenstein dance

(practice time : 10 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, G , D major scales

New : The Elf’s silver hammer – RH high C position

The Horsemen Night Ride : C minor

Review : Caravan : D minor

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)

Nathalia ,

Warm up : C, G, D, E, A major scales and triads

New : Lazy Chords Blues

Deck the halls – HS/HT, C position

Review : Spanish Caballero


Warm up : C, G major scales and triads

Review : Working out

New : Sonatina, RH high C position

In progress : The wild colt

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)


Warm up : C, G major scales

In progress: Ice skating, RH – High C position

Review : Melody , focus on the 3rd line

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)



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