Hi everyone!

Here are your assignments for this week:

Declan – Walking bass line over Autumn Leaves.  Aim to have this memorized for next week.  Aim to play this line a little bit each day to maintain familiarity.

Lucien – Look at “Hot Crossed Buns” this week, and also review “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  Start thinking about if there’re any songs you’d be interested in learning to play on guitar.

Griffin – Play through the melody to “Ten Miles A Minute” / Add 1 or 2 additional instruments to the composition we started in class, on your DAW (digital audio workstation).

Sam – From last week – Play through the bass line to “Lucid Dreams” (or “Shape of My Heart” !) and be sure to bring in your lesson notes to class for next week.

Augustin – Play “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, + “E major scale”, aim to play a little bit each day, to maintain familiarity.

Leah – Play chords and sing through the lyrics we wrote in class, aim to find a few in particular that sound good to you and jot them down next to the words.

Thanks everyone, have a good week!