Keep up with the weekly practices Vivienne! Also, warm up and review the songs we’ve learned in the past weeks (Ferris Wheel, Gallop, Song of the Toad…), and work on our new song (The Fly and the Spider). Come and watch the recital!


Keep working on the same songs until perfection (fluency, correct rhythm and notes, dynamic), and feel free to look ahead and try out the new songs! Remember to bring your book to every class! Review your recital pieces and good luck!


Keep working on our List A, B, and C pieces in your repertoire book (look out and be very aware of sharps/flats in the key signature, short slurred playing, staccatos, rests…etc), and try to get in more practices sessions per week that works for your schedule! Review everything we’ve learned in Technique book, especially the new dominant 7th chords for level 5 piano with correct fingerings!


Keep up the great work and practices from the past weeks! Work hard on the last song in the book, don’t give up! Review “Money Can’t Buy Everything” and write the notes down for The Clown to help you learn the piece! Review your recital pieces and good luck!


Keep up the great weekly practices and work! Finish the next 2 pages in your theory book, review the songs we’ve learned in the past weeks, and perfect our new songs! Feel free to look ahead too! Review your recital pieces and good luck!


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