Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Keep working on the 16th-note beats from last week. They’re getting better! Remember to practice slowly so that you have full control of your hands and feet. Also, count the rhythm of the bass drum and snare drum out loud before and while you play. This will help you to be more consistent with the rhythm.


Take a look at the new swing left-hand rhythms. Practice playing them on their own and then playing them with the right hand doing the swing pattern. Remember that beats 2 and 4 should be slightly accented in the right hand. It may help you to tap your left foot on 2 and 4 as if you were playing the hi-hat too.


Practice the two 16th-note beats that we worked on today. Focus on playing each beat several times in a row without stopping. As a drummer, it is important to develop the ability to keep a consistent beat and maintain it for the length of a song. You should also practice playing short drum fills while continuing to keep the beat.