Better job today and this week, guys.  You’re making this teacher proud!


Reminder to mom ~ let Caelen figure out the notes, the reading of the music while keeping a steady tempo, by himself.  This is the only way one discovers the joys and rewards of self-discipline!


There we go, my little man ~ improvisation!!!  We’re going to blow the crowd away at the recital!  Also, keep working on ‘Cindy’!


Woohoo!!!  Great work this week.  So much to cover, I lost track of time in the lesson.  If you keep this progress up, you will need a 45 minute lesson in the fall.  You are super musical my friend!


You whizzed through that book since… January!  Don’t forget to MOVE TO THE RHYTHM of the piece you’re playing!  And, don’t forget the rhythmic value of the note you are supposed to be playing.


You definitely should have a 45 minute lesson in the fall, as your progress is faster than light speed!  Remember to make those fingers do (most of) the work!