You should practice playing Ode to joy & Blues at page 12 of the Hal Leonard book. You should also play the riff and the verse to Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. Try to go forward in it by using the written tablature.


Luke should write down the notes of the bass fingerboard – with a pencil – on the handed out sheet and also play around with these notes. Finding your own shortcuts to map out/understand the fingerboard is an important process that is experienced in a more effective way when it’s done through the student’s own observation as opposed to having the teacher telling you about predetermined clues.


Frida should play exercise 15 and 16 (“World beat”) at page 11 of the Hal Leonard book. She should also keep on practicing Yellow submarine’s chords – G, C & Dm – as of last week’s homework.


Veronika should practice the full chord progression to the next song. For each one of its measures, she should play one finger picking pattern as exemplified previously. She should also read the Hal Leonard book from pages 4 to 7. From pages 8 to 12, she should read and play the examples/songs. These last assignments that are related to the book are tentative for the week. It means that she should do as much as she can, but with no target on the amount of them she’s able to do for the week. The more she does the best, but without pressure.