Two steps forward, one step back.  If you’re feeling discouraged with your piano progress, don’t be!  Persistence is key.  You will get there.


Remember the ‘3-legged stool’ that comprises music — Rhythm, Lyricism, and the Sound you produce when articulating keys.   We play with our entire bodies, and our hands and ‘spider fingers’ should be always ELECTRIFIED and sensitized to the sound they are producing.


Yes, more flash cards!!!  MOVE to the rhythm as you play, without interrupting the steady tempo.  You can practice as slow as you want to, as long as the tempo is STEADY.  You can do it, my boy.  TRY!!!


You’re starting to move to the rhythm!!!  YAY!!!!  Remember, it’s the way you ‘dance’ to the rhythm as you play that gives character to the sound.


Make sure all three legs of the ‘3 legged stool’ of music are present and playing off of each other as you play.  Including when you play technique and clap to the rhythm test!  Electric and dynamic fingers, swinging elbows out/wrists forward, playing on fingertips to make the most bell-like sound.