Good work this week!  Take some time to sing every day.  You will notice a big difference in your skills. Bring 2 new showtunes that you’d like to learn.  Always be gentle when singing in your higher range.  Practice the “wobble” in your voice, even if it sounds funny.  Keep up the great work! See you soon! :)

Hello girl!  Nice work this week. Do you remember the hand signals we learned for Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do?  Practice doing these this week. See you soon! :)

Doing great kiddo!  You’re really working hard and it shows. Try to do a little singing every single day.  Work especially on the siren, making it very floaty.  Always remember to be gentle with your voice especially singing those high notes.   Let’s find a couple of new tunes for you to work on.  Your repertoire is growing nicely! See you soon! :)


You are doing so well, I’m proud of your progress.  Remember to be very gentle with your voice, especially your middle register.  Sing long, quiet tones on pure vowels.  You will get stronger if you do this consistently. Work on the new SoM tune we chose.  Let’s find a torch song for you to do.  Maybe Peggy Lee’s “Fever”.  Listen to it on youtube and let me know what you think.  I look forward to seeing you soon! :)

Your doing so well my dear.  Keep singing a little bit every day. You will notice a big difference in your voice if you are consistent.  You already have a lovely sound, now it’s time to build some power into it.  Work a little more on your own song.  Refine it, see where it can grow.  I look forward to seeing you soon!  :)