Hey guys, just a reminder, the key to learning piano (and everything else) is simple!  Practice, practice, practice!!!


You were a little tired today, but so was I!  Remember this week to ‘walk’ from note to note (connecting the notes), without ‘dragging your feet’ (keeping a previously played note held down longer than its time value)!  Practice the pieces that have the most recent date written on them.


HIGH wrists, and keep the squirming on the bench to a minimum, please!  Staccato is new this week.  Remember, the goal is to play a piece from beginning to end in a steady tempo, as good as you can, WITHOUT stopping!!  Doing well, my boy.  Keep it up!!!


You’re getting really good with your ‘moving to the rhythm’, Maz!  And, with vastly contrasting styles.  Your music reading has gotten better over the last year, but you’re still missing important things on the page (eg. rests, notation).  Start focusing on improving this aspect of your playing.


Your ‘moving to the rhythm’ is also getting really good, Gerardo!  Remember to pay particular attention/listen to/bring out the melodic line, whichever hand it is in!  This is the ‘star of the show’ — everything else is secondary.  Your note-reading has vastly improved in the last few months, but it could still be better for the musical level you are at!


Great lesson, today, Amira.  I think we figured out how to get your left hand working more effectively with extended AND normal positions, and on the G and C strings.  Now, YOU have to practice!  And, remember, when practicing, you must practice IN CONTEXT, or it is all for nought —  so make sure you’re moving to the rhythm of whatever you’re playing, however slow you play it!