Percolating pianistic possibilities — how I’d describe all of you!  Because you practice!!


Awesome that you’re getting your keyboard in the next couple days!  Practice up to the last piece we looked at today.  Keep your wrists high, good posture, and curved fingers — including your thumbs!  And, mentioning your thumbs, make sure your curved thumbs are out to the side of the rest of your fingers, not underneath them.


I think I forgot to mention in the lesson — Ahaan is ready for Lesson Book 1 in the series, ‘Piano Adventures’!  If you read this message, pleasure purchase it for next week.  As for what to remember/focus on while practicing this week — make sure you’re sitting up straight, have high wrists, curved fingers (hands like claws), and to play your pieces from beginning to end, correctly, without stopping, at a STEADY tempo!


Explore MOVING to the RHYTHM FEEL/character of each song you play.  Before you begin the piece, and throughout as you play!


You’re getting a handle on this piano/music-playing thing!  Wrists can be higher, explore the difference between moving to a ‘swaying/singing’ (lyrical) kind of rhythm, and a rhythmic one.