Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Practice the two beats that we worked on in your lesson this week (#4 and #5). Focus on lining up the eighth notes on hi hat with the off-beat rhythms on the snare and bass drum. Count each rhythm out loud before you play and while you’re playing. This will help with accuracy and consistency. Also, work on the verse beat from “Travellin’” by Matt Mays.


Spend some time this week playing the 6 accent patterns that are written down in your book. Pay attention to how high your sticks are moving above the drum. They should come up high for the accented notes, but stay low for the non-accented notes. Also, be sure that you are always playing right left right left right left – no doubles (right right or left left).


Practice the three new beats that we worked on in your lesson this week. Start with just the snare and bass drum rhythm. After you have that in your ear, then add the hi hat. Keep everything fairly slow and aim for consistency. After you’ve worked on them for a while, see if you can play each beat from memory.


Keep working on the beats that we started on Thursday. Make sure that you can count each beat out loud before you try to play it. Practice them slowly and play each one several times in a row before moving on. Aim for accuracy and consistency. At your next lesson, if you feel comfortable with the beats, then we will try adding in some fills.