1. Minuet (21 in Galper Book)
    • Good work on this in lesson! Next lesson I’d like to talk about phrasing, so aim to be able to play through the whole thing with no breaks.
  2. Register Switch Warmup (Galper 68)
    • Practice with a tuner this week. I use an app called n-Track Tuner.
    • Use consistent air support as you cross the break, and aim to support the medium register with air support and high voicing so that it isn’t flat.
  3. Equinox
    1. listen to John Coltrane’s version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m2HN2y0yV8
    2. Play and do your best to memorize the melody these two weeks.
  4. F major scale, 1 octave. Focus on note switches and practice at a comfortable tempo. Aim to memorize this for next lesson.


  1. scalar overtone exercise on Bb major
  2. whisper tones, using only F and C
    • Aim to produce a whisper tone on the same note you’re fingering
  3. C# major scale and triads with metronome
  4. Duet #81 at 55bpm – aim for 70-80
  5. Amen – trade choruses
  6. Listen to The Preacher (reference for Amen).


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